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The new, enhanced version of Alive in Christ includes everything you already love about our basal series, but also includes brand new features, including new content on the kerygma, missionary discipleship, and Christian anthropology, new family-gathered sessions, and new, engaging music to help kids remember and share what they have learned.

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Alive in Christ: Discovering and Sharing the Kerygma is a comprehensive, systematic, and developmentally-appropriate religion program for children in 1st through 8th grades. Covering the seven major topics of catechesis in a spiral scope and sequence, lessons follow a three-step process: an invitation to encounter God through his Word (the Invite step), proclamation of the faith through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition (the Discover step), and connection to everyday life so learners can share their faith in word and action (the Live step).

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The parish edition of Alive in Christ: Discovering and Sharing the Kerygma leads children to an encounter with Jesus Christ, accompanies them as they discover their faith in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, and sends them forth to live what they have received.

  • A variety of multisensory activities, both in print and online, make learning about the faith memorable, engaging and fun for young learners.
  • Integrated family catechesis provides numerous opportunities and resources for equipping parents to be involved in their children’s formation.
  • Easy-to-implement tools make lesson planning straightforward and effective for volunteer catechists.

The school edition of Alive in Christ: Discovering and Sharing the Kerygma evangelizes students and families and fosters a strong sense of Catholic identity by building biblical literacy, exploring Sacred Tradition, and applying religion lessons to life in the school, the parish, the family, and the wider community.

  • Developmentally-appropriate content and resources for differentiated instruction help to engage all learners.
  • Cross-curricular activities in every unit connect faith topics to other subject areas, forming a coherent sense of Catholic identity across the curriculum.
  • Easy-to-use lesson planning and assessment tools help teachers to prepare for lessons and evaluate students’ progress.
  • Correlations with the NCEA RISE ACRE assessment assist in meeting school or diocesan religion curriculum standards

Alive in Christ Young Adolescents, a parish faith formation program for middle and early high school, offers comprehensive catechesis in an invitational, relevant, and innovative way that engages youth and helps them live their faith in today’s world. The program includes guidebooks on seven key topics in our faith: Revelation, Trinity, Jesus Christ, Church, Sacraments, Morality, and Kingdom of God. Each Faith Guidebook contains 6 lessons. Guided through a three-step catechetical process, young people encounter Christ, his truth, and a life of missionary discipleship.

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  • Invite: Through reflection on God’s Word, young people listen for God’s personal invitation to relationship.
  • Discover: The truth of our Catholic faith is handed on through creative and developmentally-appropriate activities and imaginative on-line learning strategies.
  • Live: Through directed meaningful dialogue we accompany young adolescents as they learn and share their faith through practice conversations, respond with a disciple’s conviction to a relevant dilemma shaped by their experience, reflect on the words of holy people for a deeper look into the intimate relationship between God and the Communion of Saints, and explore the beauty and truth of God’s gift of sexuality and chaste living.

Vivos en Cristo is a fully bilingual religion curriculum that teaches children and families to know, love, and live their Catholic faith through Sacred Scripture, doctrine, prayer, practices of the faith, and seasonal celebrations.

  • Includes a fully bilingual version of all content in Alive in Christ (enhanced version coming in 2024), with English and Spanish on facing pages
  • Culturally diverse selections of saints, Catholic traditions, and imagery help learners to experience their faith as relevant to their culture and daily life.
  • Integrated family catechesis provides numerous opportunities and resources for equipping parents to hand on their faith and Catholic traditions.